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The teaching function is a part of the wider project of maximising the value of the Automobile Museum; it intends to redefine and enhance the role of museum teaching, following methods and procedures that might favour a deeper understanding of it and open it up further to the outside world.

The aim is to give a new sense to the important heritage housed in the Museum, multiplying its meanings and inserting it into a wider socio-cultural context: through the evolution of the motor car, we can tell the story of changes that are not just technological, but also social, environmental and related to urban planning, and touch on transverse themes such as art and design, sport and show business, ecology, advertising, fashion and music.

The teaching function operates in this sense, promoting educational projects and collaborations, developing information programmes and involving schools, universities and training bodies, in order to encourage the use of the Museum as an educational resource.
The relationship with the surrounding area is one of the guiding concepts for the work in the teaching area, which is also committed to projects aimed at various types of audience (families, the elderly, foreigners, people with disabilities, etc.) who are usually undervalued by museums.



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Programma 2011 - 2012
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Servizi didattici

l Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile vuole dare alle scuole di ogni ordine e grado una offerta didattica completa. Per questo oltre alle proposte edutainment in ambito STEAM a marchio Mauto, abbiniamo, sotto la tutela e supervisione dell'ufficio didattico del Museo, le offerte di Società esterne autorizzate ed accreditate. Per lavorare presso noi occorre fare istanza di accreditamento ed inviarla a:

Non verranno prese in considerazione domande prive di tale istanza.

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