FERRARI F 40 (Competizione)


(Italy 1987)

The F40, the supercar launched to celebrate the company 40th  Anniversary, was the star of  the 1987 range, and the last one to be signed off by the Drake. The engine was a 2936 cc 90° V8 with twin turbos, just like the F1 cars. Tubular chassis, strengthened by composite panels, absolutely breathtaking performances: it was a genuine supercar. Stunning to look, the F40 was designed for maximum aerodinamic efficiency. It also looked very aggressive with its large rear wing. In short, this was a competition car thinly designed as a road-going model.

The car soon became a collector’s item, causing an unprecedented furore amongst collectors and fetching astronomic prices at auction.


Engine: 8 cilindri a V di 90°
Capacity: 2.936 cmc
Max power output: 478 cv (questo esemplare da competizione è stato potenziato a
700 cv)
Max speed: 324 km/h