FIAT mod. 600

(Italia 1955)

When the 600 was launched in the spring of 1955 as the successor to the Topolino, it caused a sensation owing to its innovations, starting with the rear-mounted engine and independent suspensions on all 4 wheels. The 600 was the vehicle that changed the habits of Italian society. Inexpensive to buy (590,000 Lire) and run (average consumption 5.7 l/100 km), it led the way towards universal car ownership. Fiat also produced a soft-top version, and later on the Multipla whose up-front driver’s position gave enough room to seat six people or carry goods. A total output of 2,695,197 had been reached when the 600 went out of production in 1970.


Engine: posteriore a 4 cilindri
Capacity: 633 cc
Max power output: 22 CV a 4600 giri/min.
Max speed: 95 km/h