(Italia 1972)

The Iso Rivolta company was founded in 1939 at Bresso (Milan) by Renzo Rivolta and became world famous in 1953 when the Isetta, one of the world’s most succesful small cars, appeared on the market. The firm then turned to the production of high-performance cars: the first was the 300 GT, which came out in 1962. The Lele was styled by Carrozzeria Bertone with one-off bodywork for an american customer. Later a short-run production was started, but ended in 1972.




Engine: 8 cilindri a V di 90° (Chevrolet Corvette)
Capacity: 5356 cc
Max power output: 350 CV a 5800 giri/min.
Max speed:
250 km/h.