JAGUAR mod. E 4.2

(Regno Unito 1969)

The Jaguar E GT was presented at the 1961 Geneva Automobile Show in both the coupé and open version, and was a worldwide success for the British maker. It mounted independent rear suspensions, rack and pinion steering and disk brakes.

This piece of greased lightning was to take the place of the renowned XK. It was powered by a straight-six, 3.8 litre engine until 1971, when its capacity was stepped up to 4.2 litres. A total of 72,520 Jaguar Es were built between 1961 and 1975.

Engine: 6 cilindri in linea
Capacity: 4200 cc
Max power output: 269 CV a 5500 giri/min.
Max speed: 240 km/h