RENAULT mod. 3 e 1/2HP

(Francia 1899)

Renault was founded in Paris by three brothers, Louis, Fernand and Marcel, in 1899. Its firs vehiclewas designed as a prototype by louis before the company was formed and a few dozens were then built in its little Billancourt workshop.

The 3e1/2 HP came next. It, too, was also equipped with a water-cooled, single-cylinder De Dion engine and soon made its name in the motoring world, one reason being the races it won, including the Paris-Ostend, in the hands of Louis and Marcel Renault.



Engine: 1 cilindro
Capacity: 402 cc
Max power output: 3.5 CV  a 1500 giri/min.
Max speed: 45 km/h
Peso: 300 kg
Weight: a 2 marce