ROLLS-ROYCE mod. 40-50 HP

(Regno Unito 1914)

The founders of this renowned English firm, Henry Royce and Charles Rolls, brought out their first car in 1904. Its superb quality was universally appreciated and won it instant success. Later on they created the 40-50 HP, the official designation of the world-famous Silver Ghost. First presented in 1906 and produced until 1925, it started Rolls-Royce on its legendary career. This example was made in 1914 and used by the British High Command on the French front during World War I. The torpedo coachwork is by Barker.


Engine: 6 cilindri
Capacity: 7428 cc
Max power output and max speed: non dichiarate dal costruttore
Weight: 1160 kg (autotelaio)