The museum to spend time in and discover!

A lively and engaging set-up that runs parallel to a careful and in-depth thematic study which makes the Museum a place not only to visit, but to spend time in.

The Museum has a new look, thanks to a modern, innovative design: this is not just a simple architectural renovation, but a new amenity redesigned to be placed among the most cutting-edge of European cultural centres. It’s a museum that can attract to it not only an audience of specialists but of young people, families and students and is a space for all the local people, who will find in the rebuilt complex a place where they can meet and socialize.

SHARING AND PARTICIPATING. The new digital technologies are in the limelight and work thanks to a new Wi-Fi network that increases the interactive possibilities and develops multi-media communication inside the entire Museum exhibition. Visitors will be able to discover the extremely vast patrimony of information and facts collected by the Museum: historical studies, archive images, technical sheets on the vehicles and coachbuilders will be available on personal tablets and smartphones, multi-media totems, or rented Ipads. DOWNLOAD MAUTO APP from GOOGLE PLAY or iTUNES!!

DESIGN. It is the pulsating heart of the Museum, the space that displays creativity at work, the idea becoming substance thanks to commitment and teamwork. The ground floor has been entirely refurbished with spectacular decorations aimed at promoting a wider knowledge of car design, its historical evolution, and of the men who have determined its changes as well as present and future orientations.

OPEN GARAGE. It hosts the vehicles of the collection that did not find a place in the exhibition path. A lively space where the vehicles can be serviced, restored, and preserved, apart from being observed and studied. The Mauto garage can be visited upon reservation and will host the workshop and restoration school, thanks to which professionals in the field of vintage cars will be actively involved, as well as craftsmen and experts who will work side by side with young students in order to further the transmission of skills and competences across generations.

Alongside the museum exhibition there’s the large square where events can take place, an area where the public can congregate, a conference centre, a documentation centre and a teaching centre, as well as a bookshop and cafeteria.

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