FIAT 500 bianca

(Italia 1962) (Autorino, 1° floor)

In the summer of 1957 Fiat introduced the New 500, destined to repeat the success of the previous 500. The new model used the latest design techniques, such as integral body/chassis structure, al, round independent suspension and a rear engine. The engine was an air-cooled 2-cylinder unit, the first ever employed by Fiat. This car was born in Torino, in the Mirafiori plants, thanks to the highly talented young ing. Dante Giacosa, who was the responsible of the project.

Intended for those who until then had afforded only a bicycle, the new model did not receive an enthusiastic  welcome on the market, due perhaps to its too high a cost (465,000 lire). The consequence was that at the Torino Show that year the 500 became available in two versions.

One was the basic version as originally introduced except that power output was increased and the second version additionallyt improved body features. A great success developed rapidly: more than 3,5 millions of Fiat 500 were built in twenty years.


Engine: 2 cilindri in linea, posteriore
Capacity: 499,5 cc
Max power otput: 18 CV a 4600 giri/min
Max speed: 95 km/h
Weight: 520 kg a vuoto
Consumption: 5,5 l/100 km