PEUGEOT mod. Tipo 3

(France 1892)

Exactly this model on display, a Type 3 Peugeot 1892, chassis n. 25, Daimler engine n. 124, is a milestone in the history of the Italian automobile: it is the first car to circulate in our nation. It was ordered, on August 30ieth 1892, by Gaetano Rossi, owner of the most important fabric industry in Italy, when back from one of his journeys from Paris.

The car came to Piovene Rocchette on January 2 1893 and was employed for several years until it was sold to Guido Lazzari, a young heir of a rich family. After some adventures it came to our Museum.

In spring 2007 the car has been delivered to Peugeot Automobili Italia for a careful restoration and a close examination of its first years through the archives and the documents of Peugeot itself.



Engine: posteriore a 2 cilindri a V
Capacity: 565 cc
Max power output: 2 CV a 1000 giri/min.
Trasmissione: a catena
Max speed: 35 km/h
Peso: 500 kg