MONACO - TROSSI mod. da competizione

(Italia 1935)

This revolutionary racing car was the brainchild of Augusto Monaco, an engineer, and Carlo Felice Trossi, who put it through its paces during the Gran Prix at Monza in 1935.

Its most outstanding feature is the two-stroke engine with sixteen cylinders arranged in two rows with a single combustion chamber for each pair of cylinders. This was front-mounted and air-cooled like an aero-engine. Another novelty for those times was front wheel drive, wich made it unnecessary to install a long transmission shaft.



Engine: 16 cilindri a doppia stella
Capacity: 3982 cc
Max power output: 250 CV a  6000 giri/min
Max speed: 200 km/h.
Weight: 710 kg (autotelaio)