Presented by Antonio Gallino, Genova

(Italy 1901)

The four Ceirano brothers, Giovanni Battista, Giovanni, Matteo and Ernesto, were leading pioneers in Italy’s motor car history. Giovanni designed the “Welleyes”, from which the first Fiat sprang, and one brother or another sired a host of marques over the course of some twenty years: Fratelli Ceirano (1901), Itala (1904), STAR (1904), Junior (1905), SPA (1906), SCAT (1906) and Ceirano S.A. (1919). The 5 HP was made by Fratelli Ceirano. It has an Aster single-cylinder engine and a patented four-speed, constant-mesh gearbox. Note the two radiators at the sides. The “duc” coachwork is by Locati & Torretta.



Engine: 1 cylinder
Capacity: 639 cc
Max power output: 5 bhp at 800 rpm
Max speed: 45 km/h
Weight: 390 kg