ACMA mod. Vespa

Presented by G. Agnelli in memory of Enrico Piaggio

(France  1958)

A small two-seater designed by Piaggio, but built and sold by the French company Acma. This simple little car was presented at the Paris Show in 1957: rear-mounted, twin-cylinder, two-stroke engine with positive-pressure air cooling, three gears and a kerb weight of only 360 kg. Thanks to its size and lightness, the Vespa 400 provides handiness and low running costs (4,7 l/100 km). Its French price was equivalent to about 500,000 Lire. A total of 28,000 Vespa 400s were sold.





Engine: 2 cylinders
Capacity: 393 cc
Max power output: 14 bhp at 4550 rpm
Max speed: 90 km/h