BENZ mod. 8 HP Break

Presented by Alfredo Varni, Pallanza (Novara)

(Deutschland 1899)

The great success of Karl Benz’s 8 HP can be judged from its initial sales: 572 in its first year (1899) and 603 in the next. Nothing to speak of today, but very good for the turn of the century. This model opened a new chapter in the company’s long history and was the first to be powered by a flat two-cylinder engine with primary belt drive and secondary chain drive.
The example on display has a “break” coachwork.

Engine: rear, 2 opposed flat cylinders
Capacity: 2280 cc
Max power output: 8 bhp at 750 rpm
Max speed: 35 Km/h
Weight: 680 kg
Three-speed gearbox