Presented by Michelin Italiana s.p.a., Torino

(Italy 1896)

Prof. Enrico Bernardi of Verona was a leading automobile pioneer and a skilful inventor who took out a number of patents. He also built the first motor car to travel in Italian roads.

The three-wheeler 3,5 HP with its “duc” coachwork displays many of Bernardi’s inventions: cylinder with detachable head, overhead valves and a centrifugal inlet valve regulator, constant-level carburettor with float and spray nozzle, incandescent ignition with platinum heat sponge, and goemetrically correct steering.

Engine: rear, 1 flat cylinder
Capacity: 624 cc
Max power output: 3.5 bhp at 800 rpm
Max speed: 35/40 Km/h
Weight: 270 kg
Three-speed gearbox