CITROEN mod. 11 CV

Presented by S.A. André Citroen, Parigi

(France 1934)

Introduced by Citroen in 1934 and soon widely referred to as the Traction Avant, this revolutionary vehicle was designed by a leading French automobile engineer, André Lefèvre. In addition to front-wheel drive (hence the nickname), its novel features included a streamlined body, steel bodysheel, independent front and rear suspension with torsion bars and CV joints on the front drive shafts. This very successful model was eventually powered by several types of engine. More than 700,000 had been built when the last one left the assembly line in 1957.


Engine: 4 cylinders
Capacity: 1911 cc
Max power output: 48 bhp at 3600 rpm
Max speed: 100 km/h
Weight: 1000 kg (chassis)