FIAT mod. 4 HP

(Italia 1899)

Designed by Aristide Faccioli, this was the first model made by what was to become Italy’s leading automaker, S. A. Fabbrica Italiana di Automobili Torino, and appeared shortly after the company was formed. It has a three-speed gearbox with no reverse and chain drive. Its rear-mounted, two-cylinder engine is water-cooled through a coil radiator and consumed about 8 litres per 100 kilometres. Only 2 of the thirty or so manufactured have survived. The other is in Fiat’s Centro Storico. Three-seat, face-to-face coachwork.

Engine: posteriore orizzontale a 2 cilindri
Capacity: 657 cc
Max power output: 4,5 CV a 800 giri/min.
Max speed: 35 km/h
Weight: 680 kg