FIAT mod. 8 HP

(Italia 1901)

Fiat’s first front-mounted, two-cylinder engine was initially cooled by a coil radiator and subsequently by a honeycomb radiator. There were eight of these vehicles on the starting line when the first Giro d’Italia (Round Italy) race began in 1901 and they all completed the 1634-km course. One was driven by Fiat’s founder Giovanni Agnelli with Felice Nazzaro as his mechanic, whereas the museum’s 8 HP was driven by Emanuele Cacherano di Bricherasio. The coachwork is of the “duc” type.


Engine: 2 cilindri
Capacity: 1082 cc
Max power output: 10 CV a 1100 giri/min
Max speed:
45 km/h
Weight: 1000 kg