Conference Centre

The Conference Centre, completely renovated and equipped according to the most recent standards, is located on the first floor.
The idea for it came about through a spatial reinterpretation of the existing volume, which made it possible to divide it into two rooms of different sizes that would create an extremely dynamic environment. The architecture recreates the conference space through a simplification of the constituent elements.

The Conference Centre comprises the following:


this is the main hall, occupying the largest volume; it is arranged in steps, and has room to seat 405. It has a stage (accessible also to those with disabilities) with a lecturer’s desk and podium, and is equipped with modern, comfortable seats. It has the basic technical installations (light system, microphone system, technical assistance) which may be implemented at the client’s request.

ROOM 150

is located beneath the Auditorium and has a maximum capacity of 150 people. It is equipped with a stage (accessible to those with disabilities), the basic technical installations and 2 maxi-screens for film shows.
Both the rooms are sound-proofed, have technical connections and can host various kinds of conferences as well as concerts.


this is the area located in the space in front of the Auditorium; it has a surface area of around 550 sq. m., with the possibility, in fine, warm weather, of using the small terrace outside.


this is an area of around 250 sq. m. linking the Foyer to the restaurant; it may be used for coffee breaks, buffet lunches and as an exhibition area if necessary.
On the ground floor in the teaching area, there are two rooms, each seating around 40, for possible parallel sessions.
In fine, warm weather the panoramic terrace, looking out over the Turin hills, can be used for lunches and dinners.


is a room on the second floor office area and is equipped with a table shaped like a horseshoe with about 20 seats and a 52-inch plasma screen.

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