(France 1898)

The Société des Voitures Automobiles Décauville began life as a manufacturer of narrow-gauge railways and tip trucks in the middle of the 19th century. This small car is fitted with “duc” coachwork, but has no rear suspension. It came first in its class in the 1898 Paris-Amsterdam-Paris race at an average speed of 28.6 km/h. The 180°- throw crankshalf for the two separate upright cylinders of its rear-mounted engine was a very unusual feature in those days.

Engine: posteriore a 2 cilindri separati
Capacity: 494 cc
Max power output: 3.75 CV a 1200 giri/min.
Cambio: a 2 marce
Max speed:
40 km/h
Weight: 220kg

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