LANCIA mod. Lambda

(Italy 1928)

When Vincenzo Lancia designed the Lambda, considered his masterpiece, it was clearly ahead of the times with its tight V engine, weight-bearing bodywork, independent front suspensions etc.

Initially the Lambda mounted a 2123 cc engine and a three-speed gearbox, but later it moved to 4 ratios and the capacity was increased to 2370 and then 2570 cc. About 13,000 cars were produced between 1922 and 1931. This Lambda was Vincenzo Lancia’s private 6-seater saloon with a 4-door Weymann body.

Engine: 4 cilindri a V stretta
Capacity: 2570 cc
Max power output: 69 CV a 3500 giri/min
Max speed: 125 km/h
Weight: 1250 kg

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