MONACO NARDI mod. Chichibio

(Italy 1932)

Built by Augusto Monaco, in conjunction with Enrico Nardi, Massimo Lancia and Guido Aymini, and named after his dog, this front-wheel drive racing car was powered by an air-cooled, cross-mounted V2 engine and equipped with semi-cantilever spring suspensions with fibre strips between the leaves to damp vibrations.

It took part in many hill climbs and chalked up 180 km/h for the flying kilometre at Monza.

Engine: trasversale a 2 cilindri a V
raffreddato ad aria
Capacity: 998 cc
Max power output: 65 CV a 5400 giri/min
Max speed: 180 km/h
Weight: 300 kg

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