Oldsmobile inety Eight (98)

(USA 1964)

Oldsmobile is one of the United States’ oldest automobile manufacturers with over one hundred years in business. Founded in 1897 by Ransom Eli Olds, Oldsmobile has been part of General Motors since 1908.

The 98 salooon and coupè in standard and de luxe versions captured the markets in the 60s and 70s, together with the Toronado, the F-85, Cutlass and 88 models. Thanks to their great success, Oldsmobile managed to survive the manufacturing crisis that troubled the States in those years.

Engine: 8 cilindri a V di 90°
Capacity: 6965 cc
Max power output: 370 CV a 4800 giri/min.
Max speed:
190 km/h.
Consumption: 22 lt./100 km

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