OMT-VICTRIX mod Victrix

(Italy 1911)

O.M.T. was a small firm set up in 1907 at Via Borgone, Turin, with a licence to manufacture the vehicles produced by the defunct Peugeot-Croizat.

Christened Victrix, the name borne by both the model and the company from 1911 to 1913, this low-cost car with its less than 700 cc, one-cylinder engine did not achieve the victory that had been expected and the company itself went out of business in 1913. The coachwork of the example on display is by E. Alessio, Turin.

Engine: 1 cilindro
Capacity: 695 cc
Max power output: 12 CV  a 1200 giri/min.
Max speed: 40km/h
Weight: 650 kg

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