(Germany 1899)

Orient Express operated from 1895 to 1903. This model with his three-seat Duchesse coachwork was produced in the Bergmann Company's workshops at Gaggenau Baden and presented to the public at the Liverpool Exposition in 1899.

Its single, flat-cylinder Benz engine was cooled by water circulating from a tank on each side of the rear of the car. It has electrical ignotion, from both accumulators and small magneto. The Bergmann gearbox has three forward speeds and reverse: four pulleys slined tu the drive shaft transmit the movement via four belts to the layshaft.

Engine: Benz orizzontale a 1 cilindro orizzontale
Capacity: 2771 cc

Max power output:

Max speed: 35 km/h
Weight: 600 kg

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