ROLLS ROYCE mod. Silver Shadow II

(Great Britain 1982)

The classic, imposing three-box Silver Shadow is equipped with refined mechanicals and bears the familiar symbols of its heritage, such as the Greek-temple radiator, entirely hand-built by a team of twelve people, and the leather upholstery and burr walnut finishings.

Power output and speed figures are not officially stated, one reason being that the performance of the firm’s handcrafted engines varies from one car to another. True to the Rolls-Royce tradition, the Silver Shadow is a combination of great prestige and exceptional comfort.

Engine: anteriore a 8 cilindri a V di 90°
Capacity: 6750 cc
Max power output: non dichiarata ufficialmente (ca 200 CV 4000 giri/min.)
Max speed: non dichiarata ufficialmente (ca 190 km/h)

Info School of Restoration / Garage