The Piazza is an internal, covered courtyard at the centre of the Museum - the result of a transformation carried out by the architect Cino Zucchi in the complex restoration-work on the building. The old courtyard with its garden was closed in order to make a new space, extremely charming and futuristic, with an overall surface area of around 1,000 sq. m., which can be hired to host various kinds of events with very large capacity audiences: awards, ceremonies, concerts, gala dinners, fashion shows, theatrical performances, etc.

This is the beating heart of the Museum and is a place for meetings and cultural exchanges. When you come into the entrance area, with the ticket-office located in the centre, you have the Documentation Centre on your right and the cafeteria and bookshop on your left.

You go through the turnstile that stamps your ticket and find yourself in this majestic square coated with punched aluminium panels, a characteristic mark of the architect, Zucchi; on the back wall there’s the escalator and the lift taking you to the upper floors and the start of the exhibition itinerary.

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