Temporary Exhibition Room


RETRO VISIONS. Photographs by Alberto Dilillo, from March 26 to May 17, 2015

Inauguration: 6.30 pm on Wednesday March 25

Thirty photographs, taken in the graveyard of historical cars in Kaufdorf, Switzerland, a few days before it was finally dismantled. RETRO VISIONS is a story in pictures, accompanied by meaningful captions, a sort of Spoon River of the car. The eyes of the photographer Alberto Dilillo linger on the lines of the period cars which still have an unchanging appeal, in spite of the dust and wear of time. Weeds grow between the inanimate carcases of the abandoned cars, as if they were the skeletons of extinct dinosaurs. The photographic exhibition will be accompanied by a display that describes the work necessary to restore a vintage car: on the platforms, dust-covered remains, semi-finished and finished cars help to reveal the various stages of this recovery operation, the fruit of different forms of equally precious craftsmanship.

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