the exhibition

From the sublime Ferrari Daytona to the legendary Magnum P.I.'s 308 up to the recent prototypes of the Fioravanti company, from 23 March to 16 September 2018, an unprecedented exhibition celebrates through iconic drawings, photographs and models one of the designers who most marked the style of the House of Maranello between the '60s and' 80s.

In the history of the cinema there is a wooden sleigh, loved by the child lead, which after many years ends up in flames in a stove. In the history of the motor car, another miniature, silver sleigh also inspires the key character, but will end up on a museum wall, along with many other memories. Those of Leonardo Fioravanti, the engineer "with the red pencil", who is certainly not Citizen Kane, but who has spent half a century in the corridors where the power lies. And working with him, says someone who actually did, was never a laughing matter.  For Pininfarina, Fioravanti designed at least six Ferraris that have gone into the history books. The Daytona is considered an absolute masterpiece. The 308 increased sales of one model tenfold.  And then he "managed" many others – to quote his own words - from the manager’s desk. Enzo Ferrari called him to Maranello in 1987 as deputy general manager. Then there was Fiat, then his own company. There he designed (almost) free of constraints, looked into the future, and enjoyed doing what he loved for another part of the century. His ideas and skills are guaranteed by dozens of patents.  An engineer-designer, therefore, a technician with a free-handed talent who gave fascinating form to content, intuitions and innovative technology. And to thrilling performance. Because the engineer-designer was also a driver: the temptation of speed, the whole atmosphere of motor racing have attracted him since he was a boy. This exhibition tells the story of a fortunate life dedicated to the motor car. From the drawings - not so naive – done in secondary school to university research, from the first interview at Pininfarina to the recent projects of Fioravanti Srl. It is dedicated to young people who, even in such different times, have the talent and determination to follow in his footsteps.

An exhibition that, for the most passionate audience,have the value of an "meeting-exhibition": in the first two months, in fact, Leonardo Fioravanti will be available to personally lead guided tours of the exhibition halls, an unmissable opportunity to hear anecdotes and insights related to the exhibited materia from the voice of the protagonist. Find more information on guided tours here!