Dream cars like the Miura, Stratos and Marzal, but also utility cars, helicopters, motorcycles and trucks. The story of a man and how he revolutionised motor car architecture and impacted the future of car design

In the history of world car designers, Marcello Gandini was the most revolutionary. His pencil generated dream cars like the Lamborghini Miura and Marzal, the Lancia Stratos and the Alfa Romeo Carabo and Montreal: creations the like of which had never been seen before, innovative projects from both the aesthetic and engineering points of view, style icons coveted by jet sets from all corners of the earth. Yet part of his genius is not immediately associated with him. Some of the ideas he most treasures are less celebrated than others, such as the Renault Supercinque or the Citroen Bx, city cars designed to be reliable and functional and which enjoyed worldwide success.

This then is the spirit of the exhibition that MAUTO – the Turin Car Museum is dedicating to Gandini from 24 January to 26 May 2019. Telling the story of the designer and visionary, and doing so through some of his most important creations, from the modelled silhouettes of the sports berlinettas he signed off during his stay at Bertone, to the compact lines of his city cars; from his projects, only conceived and never developed, to reorganise factories and production methods, to his trucks, motorcycles, and even an ultralight and extraordinarily manoeuvrable helicopter.

MARCELLO GANDINI. HIDDEN GENIUS is the third of a series of major exhibitions that the National Car Museum has dedicated to the most famous and innovative car designers of the twentieth century.  A project aimed at investigating their personal and professional experiences and the contexts in which the ideas that made them world famous were born and developed.

"After the two seminal exhibitions dedicated to Giorgetto Giugiaro and Leonardo Fioravanti, the Museum now looks into Marcello Gandini, unquestionably the most complex, and in some ways legendary character to come out of that world of design that has always pursued truly independent, revolutionary thought. In Gandini, international design culture recognises an irrepressible ability to offer iconic products. While these were innovative in a purely mechanical sense (the Turin school that identifies itself with the bold journey undertaken by Nuccio Bertone), with Gandini they also broke down the thematic boundaries of car design to interface with pop art, with the mythology of space conquest, with fashion design”, says Chairman of the Turin National Car Museum, Benedetto Camerana.

The exhibition, curated by Giosuè Boetto Cohen - journalist and for many years producer for national television of "La storia siamo noi" - is divided into two parts: the first, with its wealth of original documents, objects and film clips, presents Gandini’s story and production.  Mike Robinson – design chief at Stile Bertone in recent years - has contributed concepts and illustrations. The second part offers a procession of stars, with a display of all the most famous show cars and some other unique vehicles as well. Taking most of the limelight is the Stratos Zero presented at the 1970 Turin Motor Show, which reached the MAUTO from a private American collection. The presence of the Lamborghini Marzal prototypes (on loan from Switzerland), Alfa Romeo Montreal 1967 and Alfa Romeo Carabo (both from the Historical Museum of Arese) is also exceptional. Alongside the one-off and design study cars from the former Bertone Collection now owned by ASI, also on display are outstandingly memorable cars such as the Maserati Khamsin, one of the best known cars to come from the Trident brand, and the Lancia Stratos HF stradale, an authentic legend of motor racing.