Auto&Design – Il Progetto Raccontato. The exhibit.

Auto&Design has occupied a place of its own in the world of car magazines for forty years. Since its first issue, published in November 1979, the magazine has dedicated its attention to telling the story of the project, rather than reviewing the road performance of the final product. As its founder Fulvio Cinti wrote in the editorial of that No. 1, “the essence of Auto&Design is to see the car, and everything that moves on the road, through the perspective of design, in a language open to all”.

Ahead of its time, Auto&Design is a specialised bimonthly magazine founded in Turin forty years ago. At the time Turin was the undisputed home of car styling and the magazine had all the characteristics of a global product. The text was entirely bilingual, in Italian and English, a feature that meant it could be immediately distributed all over the world. Another innovation was the images: sketches, drawings and models of the cars. All original and exclusive materials supplied by the style centres that had created the various projects and with which Auto&Design was able to build a relationship of trust, becoming - in the designers' words - the “bible of car design”.

To retrace that fantastic adventure, the MAUTO - National Car Museum of Turin is hosting the exhibition "Auto&Design – Il Progetto Raccontato", which is open to the public from 19 June to 10 November, 2019. A journey in time through the four decades of publication, from the objects in use in the magazine’s offices in the early eighties up to the digital editions of today.

Guests of honour of the exhibition are twenty or so spectacular show cars whose Design story Auto&Design has recounted over the course of its forty years, on loan from the style centres of car manufacturers all over the world. The public will thus have the opportunity to see, close up, unique specimens such as the historic Machimoto of Italdesign, the Mercedes-Benz C112 and Pininfarina Mythos, standard-bearers of an era like the Alfa Romeo Proteo and Fiat Scia, or surprises like the Bertone Pandion and Lamborghini Terzo Millennio. But also concepts of vehicles other than cars, such as the Iveco Z Truck or the New Holland Methane Concept tractor (present in the form of a scale model for space reasons).

However, the magazine remains the key player in the exhibition. With the wealth of journalists who have written for it and who write for it today, with its precious archive and, last but not least, with its reputation that is testified to by the designers themselves - some in video interviews, others through letters and dedicated objects, most of them exhibited in the area that remembers the founder, Fulvio Cinti.

Rounding off the exhibition are two special areas: the first is dedicated to the Car Design Award, an international award created in the 1980s, of which Auto&Design is the organising publication; the second to transportation design schools, on which the magazine has always focused much attention.

Finally, room had to be made for the more contemporary dimension, digital publishing. All the concept cars are displayed together with a panel that reproduces the original drawings but also a "QR Code": by framing it with a smartphone, visitors can download the pdf of the Design Story published at the time for that project. So that, at the end of the journey, they can take away a piece of A&D history.