Con due semplici mosse, avrai a disposizione un immenso patrimonio di informazioni e curiosità.


1 - Accedi all’APP

Collegati alla rete Wi-Fi gratuita “MAUTO”.

2 - Scarica l’APP

Se hai un iPhone (Ios) cerca nell’App Store la app MAUTO e scaricala gratuitamente.

Per tutti gli altri smartphone che usano Android cerca su Google Play la app MAUTO e scaricala gratuitamente.


A breve sarà possibile fruire di tutti i contenuti dell’App anche al di fuori del museo, acquistandone l’accesso mediante App Store e Play Store.


The Mauto App

The new digital technologies are the stars of the Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile’s exhibition path. These technologies work thanks to a new Wi-Fi network that increases the interactive possibilities and develops multi-media communication inside the entire museum exhibition. One click is enough to download the App thanks to which visitors will be able to access an incredible patrimony of in-depth studies and curious facts.

A powerful and versatile tool of information, the Mauto App can be accessed from the fixed devices placed all along the exhibition path and from tablets and smartphones. Conceived to go hand in hand with the introduction panels placed at the entrance of each section and in front of each vehicle, it completes the information on various levels: from the simple curious fact to a direct access to authentic scientific and historical documents, selected and classified with great care by the staff of the Documentation Center. It also includes links to other museums, archive images, and much more, which makes Mauto’s interactive system one of a kind in the scene of contemporary museums.

What is The Tree of Knowledge? It is the idea which gave origin to the Museum’s interactive system, it is its key of interpretation, intuitive and immediate just like the App, whose interface is simple and clear. The Tree is constituted by a trunk (the 30 sections plus the Open Garage which make up the visiting itinerary, each one of which is described on an introduction panel), by the branches (the stories connected to the vehicles displayed in each section) and by the leaves (more and more detailed and multipliable studies). The tree grows and is nourished by the visitors’ participation and contribution. In fact, the system, which has been conceived to be a work in progress, is able to monitor the visitors’ preferences and transform the deficiencies they perceive into suggestions and ideas. This way, the Museum can collect the desires of its users, in order to assess the strong points and weaknesses both of the exhibition path and of the interactive information system.



The system can be accessed in three different ways:

  • Using the interactive screens placed all along the exhibition path inside each section.
  • Using the devices available at the ticket office.
  • Using a personal device (tablet or smartphone, Android or iOS) and downloading the APP from the respective stores.


The application can be used in two different ways, which can be accessed at any point during the navigation:

  • Navigating by means of a menu that shows the organization of the exhibition path: floors, sections, cars.
  • Using a tag (QR_CODE) applied on the section panels and on the captions of the cars: if you take a picture of the code with the camera of your device you will be sent to the respective explanation of the object, and from there you will be able to access the various in-depth studies.


The system is bilingual, ITALIAN/ENGLISH. The instructions and logic of the App are explained on a multi-media totem placed at the entrance of the Museum. If you take a picture of one of the QR-CODES placed along the exhibition path without having installed the App you will access a page of instructions and information about how the system works.