Open Garage

In the present western part of the museum complex, in the basement of the new building, isthe Museum garage, at the moment not open to the visitors.

This houses the vehicles belonging to the collection that cannot be included in the museum visitor itinerary.

The area has been devised with an eye to the Museum’s future: items that will be added to the collection over the years may be temporarily stored in this room, in order to be inserted later, in rotation, into the museum itinerary.

In addition to this, the aim is to create a restoration workshop in the centre of the garage that will be open to visitors in the future.
When the “Restoration School” will be set up, professionals in the vintage car sector will be involved on an operational level, to work alongside young pupils and so hand down their skills to the next generation. They will have the opportunity to pass on knowledge and exploit the immense pool of talent, creative genius, craftsmanship and entrepreneurial ability that exists in Turin and Piedmont.

This might give rise to a new type of professional: a vintage car restorer able to certify to the quality of vehicles.


Cars in Garage

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